The Internet is Made of Hats, or What I Have Been Doing with my Free Time this Winter

Although I haven’t posted much, I have crocheted a lot, and it’s mostly been hats since my fleece-lined hat from last year started to die. ūüė¶ I kept making hats and then thinking, “No, this one isn’t good enough” and then I’d be like “Hey this is a great idea for a hat!” and then when I had made it say “This is a great hat, but it’s not warm enough for a New England winter.” So, here are nine of the hats that I’ve made thus far. I went out and took pictures of them in the snow, because that’s what hats are for. Oh, and while I like most of them, I still looked at some of the fleece in my apartment this morning (blue with cute green frogs) and said to myself “I need to hat to go with that”. I’m such a sucker for hats. We’ll begin with a tour through the Dinosaurs:
First we have the T-rex Hat, always a fun choice
This one took my 5 tries to figure out how to get the dinosaur to show the right way…

 Next is the lovely Brontosaurus Hat, which matches the T-rex hat

This hat took me 7 tries… sigh

Next is the Triceratops hat, also in a similar colour scheme 

This one’s my favorite of the dinosaur hats

And the Dinosaur Applique hat, which didn’t turn out nearly so well as I would have liked, but the¬†appliques are still¬†fun. Well, I had all those appliques from my previous posts, and didn’t really know what to do with them, so I stuck them on a hat, and this is the result. ¬†

This side has the Pteradactyl and the Brontosaurus


This side has the Brontosaurus and the Dimetrodon, both with heads cut off by the camera, sigh

 Dinosaur Hat negative 1, the original!

I made this one first as a test and didn't like the white stripe of joining.

 Vertical Stripe Hat, which is actually kind of diagonal, but whatevs.

This one’s only half mine, because I got the flower design off a knitting website, then adapted it to crochet because knitting is hard, and my only circular needles are 29″, which is far larger than my head.

Fleece-lined for cold New England winters

¬†Hat of flowers and joy: this is probably one of my favorites that I designed because it’s so stylin’. Yes, I said that. okay, I’m ashamed of myself. I looked at flower patterns, but I couldn’t find one (translate: didn’t have the patience to keep looking after about 5) so I made up the flower too. I think I’m almost¬†prouder of the flower than the hat, haha. But neither would be as good without the other, so that works out.¬†

With button, which unfortunately cannot be seen in this photo

¬†My last hat of the post, and probably least creative. It’s just front post double crochet vertical stripes.

with attractive white border because I ran out of blue, haha

Anyway, I’ll try to write down patterns soon before I forget or give these guys away.¬† Because hats are good, but you can really only wear so many.


~ by oflions on January 21, 2011.

2 Responses to “The Internet is Made of Hats, or What I Have Been Doing with my Free Time this Winter”

  1. You know, you haven’t updated this since winter… Hah, you have no excuse to nag me about my lacking to blog every day…

  2. […] with a button at the neck. This hat may sound familiar, because I originally posted it in my hat roundup of a few years ago. However, I never ended up posting a pattern here, and every time I looked at the […]

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