It’s Yarn Season!

I have to say, autumn is by far my favorite season. I could go off into a long description of exactly why it’s the best, but those of you who agree with me already know, and those who disagree… well. yeah. One of the awesome things about fall is that it kicks off yarn season. I’m not saying I don’t knit or crochet in the summer (because I totally do!), but it’s a lot less fun. When the temperature gets above 80, afghans are just out. Hats are laughable. Sweaters are silly (except maybe the really light kind that have lots of holes and things). So it’s basically light airy scarves or knit lace. I like those things… but you really just only need so many. Really. Especially since I like to make them and hate to wear them!

But now it’s fall! There’s a chill in the air! Whip out the blankets! Grab a mug of tea (or your favorite hot beverage!) and sit down with your big fluffy project that’s been waiting all summer, and embrace the warmth. Here in New England, it’ll be yarn season for another 8 months. 🙂

To kick off the festivities, today I have a picture of my tiger afghan to share. About two years ago, I got really into Tunisian crochet (or afghan stitch… I think they’re slightly different, but I was too busy trying it out to read up on it!). I like Tunisian crochet because you end up with a really thick, warm texture. And because you can make pictures! I went online and found a filet crochet chart of a tiger, and decided to make an afghan out of it. The only drawback was, the edges curled A LOT. So I had to put on a fancy border as well, which I shamelessly stole from another afghan I once saw. Voila!I’ve realized that I’m more the type of person who takes other people’s ideas and reuses them in a new way than the type of person who creates their own ideas from scratch. Here I’ve got one person’s tiger chart, another person’s chart for a little brown design, and a third person’s afghan stripe for a border! Still, this is probably the most awesome thing I’ve ever made in my life, and it took me a whole year. I’m ridiculously proud of it. 🙂


~ by oflions on October 4, 2012.

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