The Best Part of Knitting

I don’t always make my own patterns, mostly just when I’m feeling lazy. If it’s too much trouble to look on the internet for what I’m thinking of making (Or if I don’t find it right away when I do search) I’ll generally whip it up myself. However, there are some things I just don’t feel as confident about. One of those things is knitting. I’m a decent knitter, and can follow a pattern with the best of them. But I haven’t knitted enough things in my life to get from what I see in my head to an actual knitted thing that looks like what I saw in my head.

Besides, there are a lot of awesome patterns on the internet. So when I decided I wanted to make a fancy knitted hat with lots of cables, I had choices. One of the absolute best parts of knitting to me is cables. Crocheting just doesn’t even come close. I mean, you can kind of make a cable in crochet if you use posts, and do fancy things, but then they’re all chunky and not as graceful as knit cables. There’s something about knit cables that just make me want to … well, knit them! Especially once I found out how easy they are!

So for my first foray into knitted hats, I chose this Brambles pattern from Knitty Deep Fall 2010. I decided to go for the medium length hat. It turned out really well. The pattern looks complex, but is actually fairly easy.

I know I look good! 😛

It has a fairly thin texture, So it’s good for moderately cold days that aren’t too windy, like most of the month of November and April. It’s also made of wool for some extra warmth.

This hat was my first foray into the world of blocking as well, but it was fairly easy. I just wet it down, put it on a plate and cup, and let it dry. It shaped up very nicely.

Here it is sitting on my counter on a glass.

Top view

This is the view from up top.



~ by oflions on November 8, 2012.

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  1. 10 Facebook shares! Girl you are on a roll! (Also, great job with pics and adding the “share” button. Also those pictures remind me of our “photo shoot” we took one time when we were younger.

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