The Spirit of Giving: A Christmas Shout-out

December 2012

Around the holidays I am always reminded of what wonderful friends and family I have. We exchange presents, send cards, spend time together eating wonderful food. It’s a good time all around.

So I wanted to take a second and thank all the people who have contributed to my yarn stash, not just at Christmas or my birthday (though that’s cool too!) but just have said to me “I’ve got this extra ball/bag/skein/box of yarn, do you think you could use it?”

The only reason I ever even started knitting (or later, crocheting) is because a woman from my church gave my older sister and me a paper bag of yarn and knitting needles and said to us “I’m not going to use these, do you want them?” What a difference that made in my life!

Last winter, someone came up to me and said “My mother recently passed away and she had a lot of yarn. I know you like to knit, would you like some of it?” How could I say no? I love yarn!

A whole couch full of yarn!

A whole couch full of yarn!

This picture just shows MOST of the yarn that I was given. As someone who is at present unemployed, and has never had a high-paying job, I feel so blessed by the generosity of everyone around me (and that’s also why I don’t always know what yarn I used for a project… I just pick it out of my stash, and say “this yarn would be good for what I have in mind” and figure out what it is afterwards…).

I also especially want to thank my excellent in-laws, who gave us first choice of the furniture they didn’t want anymore. I got a really nice-looking yarn cupboard out of the deal.

This is how it looks in the living room

This is how it looks in the living room

The top is also drawers

The top is also drawers

In the top drawer, I keep all of my knitting needles and crochet hooks and things like that. The second drawer is for small WIPs. Then the bottom 4 drawers are for balls of yarn, grouped by type. The great thing about drawers is that the balls of yarn don’t get tangled.

Even though I only mentioned the two biggest donations to my yarn collection, I am so grateful to everyone who has given me yarn or yarn-related items! Thank you!


~ by oflions on December 27, 2012.

One Response to “The Spirit of Giving: A Christmas Shout-out”

  1. Also – the extra yard you gave me for a yarnbombing project went to a senior center up here, for older women to make baby blankets. The yarn just keeps on giving!

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