Crochet Lion Bookmark

open bookSince the project that I’ve been trying to finish since mid-December is still stalled, this week I thought I’d do something quick and fun. Since I never have enough bookmarks and I often end up using whatever’s handy to keep my place (which doesn’t work so great when it’s a sock, or a piece of tupperware…) I thought I’d make a bookmark. My idea was to make a lion to go with the theme of my blog, but when  I did a quick Google search to find a crocheted lion bookmark, and I couldn’t find any that I liked, so I decided to make my own.


– Caron Simply Soft yarn, Cedar and Autumn Maize, small amount of black.

– Size G crochet hook

– Yarn Needle


Starting ovalBody: With Autumn Maize yarn, ch 5, hdc in 3rd ch from hook, and next ch, 5 hdc in last ch.

completed ovalContinuing around the bottom of the oval, hdc in the bottom of the next ch, 4 hdc in the bottom of the next ch, join with a slip stitch to first ch 2.

lion headHead: Sl st into next 5 hdc across oval. Ch 3, sl st into 2nd ch from hook (1st ear), ch 4 sl st into 2nd ch from hook (2nd ear), ch 2, dc in first ear, tc in 2 center ch spaces, sl st into side of tc, hdc into last ch  before body, sl st into next hdc. I connected all my stitches by pulling up a loop from the side of the previous stitches instead of yarning over, and that makes the face hold together a bit better, but it’s not necessary.

legsLegs: ch 4, sl st into second chain from hook, sc in next 2 ch, join with a sl st to next next hdc of body (1st leg). Ch 3, sc in second ch from hook and next ch, join to next hdc with a sl st (2nd leg). Sl st into next hdc of body. *Ch 3, sc in second ch from hook and next ch, join to next hdc with a sl st,  rep from * once more (3rd and 4th legs).

TailTail: ch 42, sl st into second ch from hook and each ch space. Join with a sl st to next hdc of body.  Fasten off.

FaceFace: With black yarn and yarn needle, make two eyes, a triangle for a nose, and a mouth outline.

Face backI tied the ends together in the back of the face so that they wouldn’t come undone, then trimmed them to about half an inch.

ManeMane: With cedar yarn and crochet hook, ch 3, join with a sl st, ch 1, 6 sc in loop, 2 sc in back loops of 1st sc, 2 sc in back loops of each of the following sc.

attaching maneInsert hook into back loop of next sc, and into a loop behind right ear of lion. Always in back loops of head back, sc in next two stitches between lion ears.Head sideSkip left ear and sc in side of lion’s head.

Mane frontSc around lion’s face: I had nine sc to get back around the face to the right ear (now the left in this picture). The two sc at the next aren’t connected to the back of the head, but the rest are, in back loops.

mane backWhen you get back to the beginning, connect behind ear with a sl st. This gives the lion an attractive mane on the back of its head. You don’t have to do back loops, but I thought it made a fun texture.

Tail 1Tail End: You don’t have to make a little brown thing at the end of your tail, but it’s fun, and keeps the bookmark a little more firmly in your book. Start by connecting cedar yarn into the end of the tail, ch 1, sc.

tail end 2Slip stitch into the side of the sc.tail end 3Sl st into the end of the tail where the sc is started.

Tail end 4Sl st across the middle and over the other side, making sure the yarn is under the tail, not over it.

Tail end 5Sl st back up the other side of the sc, fasten off.

Lion with ends sticking outAll that’s left now is to weave in the ends!

Two lionsI made two lions, one as a prototype, and then one to show all the steps. The second one has a happier smile.

head backsThe second one also has a back mane, because otherwise there’s an unsightly back lump in the back. The first lion also has a shorter first paw.

bookmarkNow my books are guarded by a happy lion!

lion facesAnd one more picture because I just can’t resist.


~ by oflions on January 31, 2013.

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