One Last Slice of Christmas

This year I was not on the ball in terms of making Christmas presents. I was planning on posting this two days after Christmas, but not everything was done at that point. Still, technically it’s Christmas season until Epiphany (January 6th) so I feel justified in posting these pics of the Christmas presents that I’ve made this year. 🙂



I was up until late o’clock on Christmas Eve pinning these guys (and… yeah, it kind of shows) But they turned out pretty good overall. Snowflakes are fun to make, because they don’t take long to crochet, and they look so complex and difficult. I got the patterns for these two here and here. They were super fun to make! Next time I’ll just have to pin more carefully.

Mittens for my nephew

Mittens for my nephew

I have the most adorable nephew ever, and he needed some mittens. Who better to crochet them for him than his Auntie Becca? I unfortunately lost the paper with his hand measurements on it though, so I had to wait until I saw him again to finish these up. They are made of nice soft wool, with extra long cuffs so his wrists don’t get cold. I didn’t really use a pattern for these, but there are plenty of patterns on the internet that look exactly like these, so I figured why bother trying to figure out what I did here. It’s nothing too exciting. I think I might make myself a pair, since they turned out really warm and cozy.

I didn’t make too many presents this year, since I had a bunch of projects going on, so that’s all folks! Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


~ by oflions on January 3, 2013.

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